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Bibox Exchange Overview: A Professional Binance Alternative?

Bibox Exchange Overview: A Professional Binance Alternative?

One of the newer cryptocurrency exchanges to hit the market is Bibox. This trade was developed by the groups that created Chinese Bitcoin change energyhouses HuoBi and OKCoin. Knowing that, you possibly can rest straightforward realizing that Bibox is an exchange that will offer quality to its users.

After all, there are many exchanges available already. Why would someone take a look at Bibox when they can already choose between Binance, Kraken, Gemini, and others?

This is just the question we’re going to reply throughout our Bibix review. We’ll decide whether or not or not Bibox is a safe exchange, the way it handles charges, what costs you will encounter, and in the end, whether or not this is an trade you wish to use.

When you’re ready to study more about Bibox, then let’s get started.

Primarily based on data gathered during its ICO, the Bibox firm has two main business entities. One enterprise is a cryptocurrency alternate which resides in Estonia, while the other is a platform based in Japan designed to alter digital currencies into fiat currencies.

There isn’t quite a lot of information about the Bibox leadership crew outside of who they are. Right here’s what we do know in regards to the crew:

CEO: Jason He
Co-Founder and Overseas President: Wanlin Wang
Head of Marketing: Alicia Pan
Head of North America: Jian Qin
Business Development: Estella Liu
Bibox is outlined by its developers as an encrypted cryptocurrency trade that uses innovative systems which make it capable of supporting more than 10 million customers at once. With its advanced AI features, Bibox is a digital currency change value investigating.

The Bibox exchange gives loads in relation to nice features. Here are just just a few you’ll expertise when you decide to make use of Bibox.

Trading Options: Bibox provides its users a wide range of trading options along with a long list of altcoins. Traders also have the power to create market and limit orders. Additionally, Bibox has easy to know charges for all customers (which we’ll cover in a bit). If traders use the Bibox native token, BIX, when trading, they receive a 50% discount on all transaction fees.

Customer Support: Those that read Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese, Russian, or English will discover Bibox gives its assist in these languages. Additionally, the platform has a customer help workers that's ready to deal with issues 23/7. Users can contact the team by submitting a ticket situated within the help section of the exchange. There are also options to achieve Bibox customer help by Telegram, Facebook, and Twitters. An FAQ part is available in the help section for widespread questions or concerns. Bibox also offers several guides and walkthroughs which assist navigate the site.

Technology: Bibox wants to be probably the most technologically advanced cryptocurrency trade on the market. With its smart instruments and AI functionality, the platform makes a strong case for itself. Bibox additionally offers an API which allows for integration with other platforms for trading purposes. Android and iOS customers can use the mobile app as well as a Mac and PC desktop client.

Functionality: When utilizing Bibox, users get a trading platform that is intuitive and straightforward to use. There are many features and features available on the exchange which make shopping for, promoting, and trading quick and easy. These embrace in-depth charts, trading hitales, advanced trading tools, and order books. Additionally, more savvy traders have access to advanced indicators and analysis.

Bibox also offers its BIX token, which provides customers the flexibility to reduce their fees. Think of it along the identical lines as Binance. The exchange has its personal token which when used offers customers a discount on transaction fees. The BIX token is an ERC20 based coin which resides on the Ethereum blockchain. Utilizing BIX offers customers a 50% trading discount which makes it value using while trading on the Bibox exchange.

Deposit Fees
With regards to deposit fees, there are none with the Bibox exchange. This is something that many exchanges incorporate as a part of their platform strategy since they’d slightly have the money put to make use of for trading purposes.

Withdrawal Charges
Sadly, withdrawal of your cryptocurrency isn’t free on the Bibox platform, which is the case for many exchanges. You’ll pay a flat charge when withdrawing your cryptocurrency from Bibox, however the payment is dependent on the digital coin you’re eager to take out. The site has an entire list of charges on its fee structure page.

While it is perhaps a new technique of charging withdrawals when it comes to crypto exchanges, it’s nice to have transparency from Bibox so you already know exactly what you’ll pay.

Trading Charges
The trading price is a normal charge that you could expect to come across with all cryptocurrency exchanges. When trading on Bibox, it’s a proportion of the trade amount. At present, Bibos fees a fee of 0.1% on any trades that happen on its platform.

Subsequently, any trade made on Bibox, including margins, will result in a 0.1% payment charged to the asset. This is an automatic cost and can't be avoided as long as you utilize the platform.

Keep in mind, although, that in the event you pay for the price with BIX, then you get a 50% discount. That implies that you’ll only pay 0.05% per trade. That’s a reasonably hefty discount for those who’re a high volume trader. This is unquestionably one of many premier features that makes Bibox stand out from its competitors.